Ah, cruise seasickness: the unwanted companion on your maritime adventure. Imagine you’re on a luxury cruise, cocktail in hand, when suddenly your stomach feels like it’s riding a roller coaster. Welcome to the wobbly world of seasickness! Let’s navigate the choppy waters of understanding what cruise seasickness is, why it insists on ruining your buffet plans, and how you can show it the plank.

What is Cruise Seasickness?

Cruise seasickness is like that annoying party guest who wasn’t invited but shows up anyway. It’s the body’s way of saying, “I’m not on board with this whole ‘swaying ship’ situation.” It happens when your inner ear, eyes, and deeper body parts can’t agree on whether you’re moving or not. While your inner ear detects the ship’s motion, your eyes might not see it, leading to a confusing party in your brain and, well, sometimes an uninvited mess on the deck.


  • Nausea: When you feel like the ocean waves are in your stomach.
  • Dizziness: When the room spins more than the dance floor at the ship’s disco.
  • Vomiting: The less said about this, the better.
  • Cold sweats: When you’re as clammy as a clam.
  • Headaches: Feels like the ship’s horn is going off inside your head.
  • Fatigue: Because battling an invisible wave monster is exhausting.

Causes of Cruise Seasickness

  1. Vestibular System Discrepancy: It’s the clash of the titans: eyes vs. inner ear. The inner ear senses movement, but the eyes just don’t see it. Result? Seasickness.
  2. Stress and Anxiety: Thinking too much about getting seasick can actually bring it on. It’s like inviting that party crasher into your cabin.
  3. Position on the Ship: Your location on the ship can make a big difference. Staying in the belly of the beast (aka lower decks) often means less sway and more play.

Minimizing Cruise Seasickness

Behavioral Strategies

  1. Cabin Selection: Choose a cabin midship on a lower deck. It’s like the eye of the storm: calm and peaceful.
  2. Horizon Gazing: Find the horizon and stare it down. Show it who’s boss and keep your inner balance in check.
  3. Fresh Air Fiesta: Step outside, breathe in, and let the ocean breeze fight the quease.
  4. Screen Time-Out: Put down the phone or book. Your brain has enough to process without the latest episode of your favorite show.

Dietary Measures

  1. Hydration Station: Keep the fluids coming (non-alcoholic, sadly) to avoid dehydration, which is like throwing gasoline on the seasickness fire.
  2. Bland Buffet: Stick to foods that won’t rock the boat—think crackers, toast, and other stomach settlers.
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Remedies and Preventive Measures

  1. Over-the-Counter Heroes: Medications like Dramamine and Bonine can be your best mates in battling the seasickness beast.
  2. Patch it Up: Scopolamine patches are like magic stickers that keep nausea at bay.
  3. Ginger and Peppermint: Nature’s way of saying, “Take that, seasickness!” They can calm your tummy turmoil.
  4. Acupressure Wristbands: These fashion statements might just press the right buttons to keep nausea in check.


While cruise seasickness might seem like a determined party crasher, armed with the right strategies, you can turn the tables and keep the fun in your cruise. Remember, a well-prepared sailor can weather any storm, or at least not get sick from it. So, gear up with your remedies, pick the right spot on the ship, and keep your eyes on the horizon—your cruise is meant to be enjoyed, not endured!

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