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Where Would You Like To Cruise?

From the tropical waters of the Caribbean to the ancient ruins and legendary cities of Europe. South American carnivals to the paradise of the South Pacific. There is so much to see and do on a cruise vacation.


The Caribbean

The Caribbean is an amazing kaleidoscope of islands that has enticed travellers & holidaymakers for years. No wonder it is the most popular cruise destination in the world.


The Mediterranean

Ancient ruins, legendary cities and sun-kissed beaches. The Mediterranean is both a visual & sensual feast. There is so much to enjoy that you will return again and again.


Cruise The World

From mountain peaks to shimmering reefs, cosmopolitan cities to little rural hamlets, the world of cruising offers a dazzling array of options. Step on board and explore them all


How To Plan A Cruise

Booking a cruise can be a daunting prospect. Where to cruise? Which Cruise Line? Which Cruise Ship? What to Pack? If it’s your very first cruise then it can be even more bewildering. In this guide, we take you through the various steps to ensure you book the best cruise for yourself and your family.

Cruise Countdown Checklist

OK, so you’ve booked your cruise, so what now? Just counting down the days until departure? This...

6 Tips for a smoother sailing

6  Cruise Tips For A Smoother Sailing We are now officially seasoned cruisers...unofficially. I’m...

Cruise Etiquette

Cruise Etiquette The most important lesson learnt is that in an enclosed space such as a ship...

Barcelona Safety Guide

Barcelona Safety Guide Barcelona is now one of the busiest and most popular cruise ports in the...

So, your cruise was cancelled!

Cruise Cancelled? What do you need to do now? Your cruise has been cancelled. Not something any of...

Cruise Shore Excursions – Beach Packing List

Beach Excursion Packing List One of the most popular and cost-friendly shore excursions on a...

How To Plan A Cruise Trip

HOW TO PLAN A CRUISE TRIP Introduction Ok. So you want to go on a cruise? Where to begin? We hope...

Wifi At Sea – A Guide

Although I appreciate many cruisers look forward to sailing to take the opportunity to...


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