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Oasis of the Seas – Day Three – Labadee

by Patrick O'Halloran
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We awake to blue skies and brilliant sunshine. We’ve not quite reached Labadee yet but we are only an hour or so out and will dock just before 10am. The sea looks nice a calm and the front that passed over us yesterday has disappeared.

We breakfast in Johnnie Rockets. There is a line when we arrive but it soon goes down and we are seated outside. I order a ham and cheese omelette with some toast, orange juice and coffee. Service is quick but we don’t mind that for breakfast. Back in our cabin we gather our things for the day as they have just given the all clear for everyone to go ashore.

We take pictures in the shadow of Oasis and then stroll into Labadee. The only people here will be ship guests as it’s a private retreat for Royal Caribbean only. We head to the sign up for the Dragon Coaster. This is a small toboggan type ride that takes you up into the hill above Labadee before letting you freewheel back down the twisting track. You have control of the brakes and speed. It’s great fun. Peter is the first rider of the day and I am number 2. I pick up quite some speed on the way down and have to be careful I don’t run into the back of Peter.

We refresh with some ice cold water before heading to our next adventure. The Dragons Breath Flightline. It’s one of the worlds longest zip lines (the longest up to last year I think). We have to sign safety waivers and then don our cumbersome zip harnesses. We head first to a

Mini zip line to practice before we board a small bus that takes us up to the top of the hill overlooking Labadee. The view is amazing and I regret not bringing my camera but last thing I wanted to do was drop in into the ocean or break it so the picture you see is a stock photo. It’s exhilarating and would do again if I ever came back to Labadee.

The whole process took a long time and as it was after 1pm we decide to head back to the air conditioned coolness of the ship for lunch. They do a buffet lunch on Labadee but the lines are really long. We head to the Windjammer. It’s relatively quiet with lots of space to sit. We choose seats overlooking the sports deck and the Aqua Theatre. We can see the swimmers and divers rehearsing for the show later in the week. We eat healthily for the most part. Salad with cold cuts and grilled chicken. We do have a small piece of cheesecake each though.

We spend the rest of the afternoon in the large Solarium at the front of the ship. It’s an adult only area and a nice semi open air retreat with a bar, pool and hot tubs. We enjoy a strawberry Lava Flow each before returning to our cabin. Unfortunately I seem to have caught a cold and despatch Peter to the shop for some medication. It doesn’t appear to be a bad cold. Just some sniffles. I hope it remains that way. We depart Labadee on time at 4.30pm and head out to sea and on towards our next destination, Falmouth, Jamaica.

We have tickets for the ice show tonight so after a stop at the Trellis and Champagne Bars we head to Studio B. Our Diamond Plus status allows us to sit in the reserved seating area alongside the suite guests and Pinnacle members. Although if any of those seats remain unfilled they open them up to anyone just before the show starts. The show is good fun. It’s all based on the stories of Hans Christian Anderson (Little Mermaid, Ugly Duckling, Red Shoes etc). The skaters are really talented although there are a few falls when they attempt some ambitious jumps. There is no flash photography or videoing allowed by I manage to sneak some video footage.

We dine in Chops Grille tonight. This used to be the premier eating establishment on Royal Caribbean and we always used to look forward to eating here. It’s still good but not as good as it used to be. Our waiter is fine and keeps our wine glasses filled so that’s a plus point right there. My crab cake starter is nice but the old Dungeness Crab Cakes were better imho. Peter had the Colossal Shrimp Cocktail which he enjoys. We both opt for the 9oz Filet for main and choose sides of mash potato, creamed spinach, asparagus and mushrooms. We lament that the Crimini mushrooms they used to serve are no longer on the menu. They were delicious. The steaks are fine but we had much better in the Longhorn Steakhouse in Orlando last week. We finish with dessert. Cheesecake for Peter and Warm Chocolate Cake for me. We finish with expressos.

We emerge from the restaurant into Central Park where a pianist sits playing some decorative piano as people sit and enjoy a drink. We find two comfy chairs and soak up the atmosphere as we people watch, one of our favourite pastimes.

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