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Oasis of the Seas – Day Four – Falmouth, Jamaica

by Patrick O'Halloran
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I am awake early. I don’t know the time as my watch and phone are not in reach but I can see some dim light beneath the curtain so I guess it’s early morning. We are in Jamaica today. Not one of our favourite port stops and we have been here a few time before. So we only plan to visit the small shopping village near the ship and perhaps buy some souvenirs.

Breakfast is in American Icon. It’s quite busy but our waiter is very jolly. Mainly because he is Jamaican and can get off the ship today to visit family if only for a few hours. My Eggs Benedict is ok. They eggs were slightly over done and you need a runny yolk in my opinion for a good Eggs Benedict.

We hang back in our cabin before going ashore. We wanted to wait until the majority of the ship had disembarked for their excursions and trips before we head down to deck 2. We don’t take much with us, only seapass, passports and sunglasses. Once ashore we walk through the small village. The majority of shops are jewellers ready to tempt people to spend their cash on diamonds, watches and other items of bling. There are lots of other stores too selling t-shirts, momentos and other gifts. We pick up a colourful mosaic butterfly to hang on the wall back home. We stroll past the busy and lively sounding Margaritaville. We don’t enter. Pointless spending money on drinks in there when we can get them on the ship. There is a small craft market that seems t be doing lively business and lots of young girls are get their hair braided.

After an hour or so we are done and head back onboard the ship. We lunch in the Windjammer as its relatively quiet again with most people ashore. We then head to our secret hideaway on deck 7 and remain their undisturbed for more than an hour mainly just listening to music and reviewing our photos and videos we have taken. From their I return to the cabin and get out my gimbal so I can walk around the ship taking some video footage. I shoot some Slo motion of the flow rider and of Peter when he decide to use the zip line across the boardwalk. He says after the Dragon Flight in Labadee it’s a bit tame.

It’s fierce hot outside so we decide to take a dip in one of the many pools onboard. Most are quite busy by now so we choose the one in the solarium. It’s very refreshing. We dry off on the sun loungers before heading back to our cabin to relax for the remainder of the afternoon. We leave Falmouth shortly after 6.30pm and Oasis turns westward towards Mexico. Tomorrow is a sea day before we reach Cozumel on Friday.

We shower and change for dinner. We decide to try somewhere different for a drink this evening and head back to the solarium. We try to buy some drinks but are turned down as there is a special event planned so they are closing the bar. Not to worry. Plenty of other places to try so we end up in Boleros before heading out to the Boardwalk and the Sabor Bar where we order two Margaritas’. The Aqua Show, Oasis of Dreams, is taking place but we have reservations for this the following evening.

Giovanni’s TableOnce done we take the elevator up to deck 8 and Central Park. 2 x glasses of Kendall Jackson from the Trellis Bar before we head into Giovannis for dinner. We decide to eat inside but did have the option of eating outside. I think tomorrow at Chops we might eat outside if we can, just for the experience. We are seated and peruse the menu. We order the Antipasti Board and also the Buffalo Mozzarella and Tomato Salad to share. Both delicious but their Mozzarella is not a patch on Pizza Expresses back home. For our main I order the Filetta De Manza and Peter orders the Ossabucca. We both really enjoy. There is some concern from the staff that Peter has left so much on his plate but he assures them that every thing is fine. Unlike me Peter has an aversion to all things fatty and there was quite a bit of it on his veal but there was also plenty of meat to enjoy he said. As for dessert I spied the next table eating a nice chocolate dish with ice cream and so we both order the same. Only it comes without ice cream. Am sure if we had asked they would have brought but it was nice on its own anyway.

From Giovannis we head to the Opal Theatre to see an acapella group called The Edge Effect. I had never heard of them but they had won some talent show on MTV and we were reliably informed they were very good. They were good and they were talented but I don’t know if it was the choice of songs they covered but they didn’t really do it for me. They did do an excellent version of Hallelujah though.

After the show we do manage to nab one last drink at the Trellis Bar before they shut it at 11.30. We remain their whilst we finish the drinks before heading back to our cabin.

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