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Oasis of the Seas – Day 7 – At Sea

by Patrick O'Halloran

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Today is our final sea day onboard Oasis of the Seas as we continue our journey back towards Port Canaveral. I sleep better than the night before and its nearly 8am before I am fully awake. We breakfast in American Icon again this morning and finally they get my eggs correct so I was happy. Service is pretty quick too.

We did have a tour of the bridge at 09.50 but as we were late rising and coming back from breakfast we decide to skip it. We’ve been on a couple of bridge tours before and I don’t think it will be much different on this ship. Instead we head to the photo gallery and choose a couple of pics we like. We didn’t like many but we do find two that we purchase. One from Cozumel and one from the second formal night.

Peter starts the process of packing for our disembarkation tomorrow. We still have 3 and half days when we get off the ship so the tricky part is packing what we wont need again in one case and keep stuff we will in another. I leave the cabin whilst Peter does this as I anticipate some cursing will occur. I stroll the public areas taking videos and pictures. The Boardwalk is so busy as there is a jazz band playing and lots of other activities for kids going on. They are also slicing up a very large cake and handing it out to people so there is a long line snaking around.

Once I am back in the cabin I swap packing duties with Peter so I can take care of my stuff. He reciprocates by disappearing for an hour or so and yes I do curse. It’s doesn’t take me too long though. We have disembarkation number 5 for the morning so we can expect to get off around 8am. Our plan is to see if the free Hertz Rental van is around and jump in that. If there is a long line for it we will get a cab to the rental in the hopes that will be quicker. We can then drive to Grills for breakfast.

Once we have sorted out the packing its time for some lunch. We try Sabor again. Now we know what we like and what we don’t its easier picking what to have. The only real change we make is that Peter chooses the Quesadillas for his main. I over order on the side so we do leave quite a bit so feel a little guilty.

We have reservations for the musical Cats this afternoon at 2.30pm but neither of us feel up for sitting in the theatre for 2 and half hours for a musical we don’t really want to see. We booked the show just in case we did want to but we decide to spend the afternoon relaxing on deck 7 with a great view of the ocean from our little hideaway. Only one other couple join us briefly before we have the area to ourselves again. Very relaxing.

After returning to the cabin we head back up to the sports deck and get a couple of Lava Flows. This is something of a tradition on our last day on Royal Caribbean. We drink them watching some of our fellow cruisers try to surf on the flow-rider. The ones we see seem pretty good as they remain standing for some time before gravity eventually takes over and they wipeout. We stroll the length of the top deck taking pictures. There is quite a breeze on the starboard side and staff are already tiring up some of the sun loungers as the captain has warned there will be some motion in the ocean overnight. I don’t think it will be too bad though (fingers crossed).

The captain also advises there has been a small outbreak of norovirus onboard. About 48 passengers have been affected which out of 5000 is quite small but nonetheless we are being extra careful with our personal hygiene and washing/disinfecting hands at every opportunity. This was also part of the reason we lunched in Sabor and not the Windjammer. Too many hands touching tongs etc in the buffet so we avoid.

Our final evening onboard is spent with a drink in the Diamond Lounge. It’s our very first visit here in the evening. It’s a nice lounge over two levels and is semi full when we arrive. We help ourselves to some of the complimentary nibbles and order a drink each from the bar staff. From the Diamond Lounge we get some wine from Boleros before heading to dinner. We had earlier tried to ride the Rising Tide Bar down (we have only ever ridden it up before) but were thwarted by Puss in Boots from Shrek. There is a Dreamworks parade scheduled just as we got onboard the bar and Puss was to ride it down to join the parade on the Royal Promenade. We were told we had to leave the bar whilst that happened. Maybe later?

We dine in Chops Grille. It is packed. Not sure if there was a special promotion on but I don’t think there was an empty table to be seem. Sadly this affected service as they staff were running around like headless chickens. The tables next to us were brought the wrong order and then when they got the right food it wasn’t cooked how they liked it.

We order the Colossal Shrimp each and also the 6oz Filet each. Mine medium rare, Peter medium. Our starters come but we had not received the usual bread so had to remind waiter. Peters noticed that the shrimp was not served as it normally is with the shrimp themselves embedded directly in the ice rather than in a silver bowl over the ice. That said they were delicious. The mains came next. I got Peters order and vice versa. Once swapped mine was a little chewy to start but the rest was ok. I order the Key Lime again for dessert and it didn’t disappoint. Peter opted for the Red Velvet which he said was ok but a little dry. Not as good as it was back in the day but an improvement on recent ones. So all in all a very mixed experience at Chops this week. We finally get to ride the Rising Tide down and end up listening to a few piano tunes in the Schooner Bar. We end the evening with a Baileys each at the Trellis Bar before heading back to our cabin.

It’s been a terrific week onboard Oasis. We love this class of ships, especially the different zones with Central Park being the highlight. Food and service overall was good with the odd exception. Staff have been very friendly, again with the odd exception (a rather glum bartender in the Solarium). We enjoyed Labadee and Cozumel, not so much Falmouth and apart from the first day the weather has been amazing.

Only 4 and a half weeks till the next one.

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FiFi 23rd April 2018 - 12:01 PM

Fab reading Patty! Nice to see you both enjoying time together. Keep it going x

Abbas 25th April 2018 - 7:41 AM

Superb day-to-day review. Looks like you guys had a fab time. Looking forward to my easter cruise on Oasis.


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