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Oasis of the Seas – Day 5 – At Sea

by Patrick O'Halloran
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Today is the second of our sea days as Oasis plots a steady course westward towards the Mexican island of Cozumel. I don’t recall what time we awake, we are always little slower on sea days and my Apple Watch keeps resetting itself to local time rather than ships time. I do know that we decide to eat breakfast in the Wipeout Café up on the sports deck. It’s more of an overflow from the Windjammer but less busy. They will cook your eggs to order which Peter likes but I opt for scrambled with some bacon and sausage.

Not going to lie. I don’t actually remember what we did between breakfast and lunch. The days all seem to blur into one another and you forget which day of the week it is sometimes. I know we did some shopping on the Royal Promenade but I think that was only two get a new lanyard for Peters sunglasses. We also looked though our official photos and select our 2 free ones. We weren’t too impressed with the rest and I don’t think the one of Peter on the zip line in Labadee will ever see the light of day…it was funny though.

We lunch in Sabor again. We change some of the things we order but find the Guacamole and chips are just as good as last time. We order the same Margarita but when it arrives it looks a different colour. Still good though. My Firecracker Jalapeños stuffed with chicken and wrapped in bacon are delicious. My corn tortillas with shredded beef are not so good. Peter opted for Shrimp Tortilla and he said his was a bit meh too.

I decide a little exercise is required in the afternoon so I head down to the jogging track on deck five. There is a long track that completely circumnavigates the ship outside and they have two tracks. One for runners and one for walker. I do a couple of laps of the walking track and add a few thousand steps to my day. Peter who went swimming joins me at the rear of the ship and we relax in a couple of the steamer chairs as we watch the ships massive wake roar and tumble in the late afternoon sunshine.

Back in our cabin we are relaxing when we here an emergency call go out for Bravo, Bravo, Bravo. We know this is the signal for a fire onboard which is slightly worrying. Soon after we hear Kilo, Kilo, Kilo which is the code for the Emergency Teams to report to specific location. Again a little worrying. Not long after that the emergency teams are advised to stand down. The Captain comes over the speakers soon after to advise he called for a surprise emergency test to see how well the ship responded. He said it went very well but it was only a test.

At 6.20pm we head to the rear of the ship and the Aqua Theatre for tonight’s show Oasis of Dreams. We get some good seats in the Diamond Plus reserved area and wait for the show to begin. I didn’t really follow the storyline that well but it basically involved the arrival of a beautiful lady by zip-line. Two guys get into a fight over her and end up throwing themselves into the water. Some synchronised swimmers appear and they are then joined by other acrobats and divers. There are a lot of set pieces but we are all really waiting for the divers to make their way up to the very top mast which they eventually do and plunge the dizzying height down to the pool below. It’s great fun but more very family oriented as you would expect.

It’s Formal Night No.2 tonight and so we rush back to our cabin don our Tuxes and head to the Champagne Bar. It’s really busy so it takes a while to get served and seated. As has become customary we end up in the Trellis Bar as its ideally located for all the restaurants in Central Park.

We eat in Chops Grille for the second time and this cruise and for the very first time we don’t order steaks. I start with an excellent Caesar Salad and Peter has The Colossal Shrimp cocktail again which he loves. I order rack of Lamb for my main and Peter orders Branzino which is a fish. Sides of asparagus, mushrooms & mash are ordered. Peter even slips in an order for the horrid tater-tots. The mains are very good and perfectly cooked. Dessert is Key Lime Pie for me and Apple Pie al Mode for Peter. The Key Lime is excellent and so was the service and so Chops have redeemed themselves somewhat after the lacklustre last visit.

After dinner its quick change again as we have the 70’s Night Party on the Royal Promenade. It’s in full swing as we arrive. They churn out the same old songs every time but its no less fun for all that. The Cruise Director (who would literally put a glass eye to sleep) emerges dressed as one of the Village People along with Indian, Cowboy etc for a rendition of In The Navy and of course YMCA. The rest of the ships crew are dancing furiously long to other 70’s classics and throwing flashing plastic rings out into a ravenous audience. Seriously you would think they were throwing actual diamond rings the reaction of some people.

Peter is a bit pooped after all this and decides to retire early. I am not quite ready for bed so I wander up onto the top deck to take some pictures of the ship all lit up. I then head to Boleros for a Baileys nightcap and 2 slices of pizza from Sorrentos before I call it a day.

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