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Norwegian Escape – Day Three – Portland, Maine

by Patrick O'Halloran
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We dock in Portland, Maine a little after 7:30am. I venture out onto the balcony and surmise this is definitely going to be a long trousers and jacket kind of day. There is a cool bite to the air this morning.

We breakfast in Taste before gathering our things to head ashore. We have tour booked to Kennebunkport but it doesn’t depart until lunchtime so we have a few hours to explore Portland itself. Even though it is the largest city in Maine its still not that large. After taking some pics of the ship we wander along the harbour walk which is full of pop-up craft stalls, no doubt attracted to the very large ship and its money laden occupants. We head up into the historic part of town. It has a charm of its own with some nice shops here and there. We find a little coffee shop where we stop. The coffee is excellent. 

Back at the docks, we wait patiently for others for our tour to be called. It’s not particularly well organised with some confusion as to what is going on. It’s warmed up considerably since this morning also that we no longer need to wear our jackets.

We soon boarded our bus for the trip to Kennebunkport which is about a 45min drive south of Portland. Our tour guide is very informative and we learn a lot about the area, especially about Lobstering which we soon learn is very important in these parts.


Kennebunk and Kennebunkport (two separate places) is a pretty and charming little town. We wander its streets popping in and out of the various shops filled with a wide assortment of gifts and apparel. All quality stuff. We purchase an unusual cat clock that we both instantly liked before heading to the Clam Shack for Lobster Rolls. Slightly taken aback by the price, $21, we order along with some drinks. The rolls are delicious. Never been a huge fan of lobster but I had clearly not eaten Maine Lobster before. The lobster meat was so succulent and delicious I became an instant convert.

After a few hours in Kennebunkport we head back to Portland. We arrive back a little after 4:30pm and proceed onboard the ship as we sail around 5pm.


We dine in Taste this evening. We had heard before boarding that the speciality restaurants are very busy and the complimentary dining rooms less so. This does seem to be the case as it’s fairly quiet where we are sat. Service and food again are very good. Asian Spare Ribs and Bang Bang Chicken for me.

Whether it’s the lobster, the sea air or the wine! but we feel very tired this evening. Plus we have a 6:30am alarm call for the morning for our tour in Bar Harbor. So wisely we retire to bed.

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