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Norwegian Escape – Day Six – Halifax, Nova Scotia

by Patrick O'Halloran
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We arrive later into Halifax, Nova Scotia and find that Caribbean Princess, Celebrity Summit and Scenic Eclipse are already moored up before us. We dock alongside Summit at Pier 21. It looks like it is going to be another gorgeous day. We have been really lucky with the weather on this trip.

We have a tour but luckily not till 1pm so we have some time to explore the port itself. Halifax has a lovely boardwalk area which is perfect for a relaxing after breakfast walk. Our plan is to walk the length of the Boardwalk to the Maritime Museum at the other end.

We join other cruisers from our ship and others and we stroll in the late summer sunshine along the boardwalk. There are lots of craft shops, bars and restaurants along the way as well as some interesting public artworks. There are also some older sailing vessels to view from tall ships to WWII Corvettes. We traverse the floating bridge before arrive at the museum. We pay our entrance fee and walk around this small but interesting place. They have some great Titanic artefacts as well. As Halifax harbour is ice-free it was instrumental in coordinating the rescue and recovery efforts when the White Star liner sank in 1912.

From the museum, we head back toward the ship stopping at the Farmers Market for a coffee. We meet up with our tour group at 12:50 and walk back along the boardwalk to meet up with our smaller ship for today’s Nature and Marine Wildlife Tour. The Karwartha Spirit is dwarfed by the nearby Cruise Ships but she is perfect for our small group as we step onboard.

We are soon headed out past Fort Charlotte Island and the larger McNab Island and into the Atlantic where we soon notice the much larger Seas swells that lift the boat up and down. It’s not too bad though. We stop to pull up a lobster trap which contained a heavily pregnant female with thousands of eggs under her tail. They had to put her straight back into the ocean by law. They have another female which they name Lily which they bring around to us to look at more closely. It really was the only marine wildlife we see as everything else seems very elusive today.

Still, as a harbour cruise, it was very pleasant and the guide on board was very informative and happy to answer any questions we had. After we are back on shore we head inside the pier building where there is a large craft fair where we buy some maple biscuits and fridge magnets. Back on the ship, we have a late lunch at the Garden Cafe before heading back to the cabin.

We head down to the Waterfront around 7:30 and most venues seem to be pretty busy. We nab some seats outside Tobacco Road just as Escape is starting to leave port. We drift slowly away before we start moving forward and down the narrow channel and out to sea.

We dine in Moderno this evening. It’s not one of our favourite specialities but as it was a complimentary gift that included a bottle of wine we took it. The best thing about this place is the salad bar… It’s amazing. I stock up on meats, cheeses, tomatoes & pickles. The system at Moderno is simple. You have a placemat that is green one side, red the other. If you leave it on green the staff will keep bringing different cuts of meats to the table. Flip it to red for a breather or to finish. Most of what we get is ok but not amazing.

After dinner, we head back to the cabin to change for the Glow Party. We had amazing fun at Glow on Epic and Breakaway but they both had better venues. This is held in the Atrium and it’s not conducive to this type of party. We don’t stay long but instead head to the Brewhouse for a quiet drink before bed.

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