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Norwegian Escape – Day Five – Saint John

by Patrick O'Halloran
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Saint John

This is our first ever visit to Canada but I would never have guessed that Saint John would have been the first place we visited in this country.

Not much to see yet

We awake to a thick blanket of fog. We literally can’t see anything outside the cabin windows which doesn’t bode well for our sightseeing tour this morning.

We breakfast in the Garden Cafe before heading to the Manhattan Room to await our tour being called. It’s not long before we are headed ashore where we quickly find our coach and guide waiting for us. Our guide is dressed in traditional Loyalist costume. The Loyalists being those people who remained loyal to the British Crown during the American War of Independence and moved to Canada to settle.

Reversing Falls

The fog is already starting to lift which is good news. Our first stop are the Reversing Falls. It is at this point that the Saint Johns River empties into the Bay of Fundy. However, as the Bay of Fundy has the highest tide in the world (28ft between low and high tide) it affects the flow of the waters at different tide times. At low tides the water flows rapidly out to sea. At Slack tide (the halfway point) it is almost still, at which point boats can traverse the falls. At high tide the water reverses back upstream. Hence the name.

From the falls we head to the Saint Johns City Market where we try some Dulce. It was a salty horrible seaweed type stuff. An acquired taste I think. In the nearby Kings Square we see some tree damage left by Hurricane Dorian a few weeks earlier. They lost a few old trees during the storm. We drive through the scenic Rockaway Park which is 3 times the size of Central Park and on this now beautiful day would be the perfect place for a stroll or a dog walk.

City Market

We head back to the reversing falls but stop at a different viewpoint. It’s approaching slack tide but is not quite there but we do notice the rapids are less angry now. By now it’s time to head back to the ship. We only like to take shorter excursions because that way we have some time to do our own thing if we wish. We were not overwhelmed by Saint John to be honest. The reversing falls were interesting and so was some of the architecture and history but after Kennebunkport and Bar Harbor is was less picturesque so we decide to spend the last few hours back onboard the ship. We sail at 3pm anyway which is fairly early.

We lunch in O’Sheehans for the first time this cruise. The burgers we have are really good. We then find a spot on the Waterfront and relax in the comfy chairs there. Before we know it we are departing to make our way to Halifax in Nova Scotia.

O’Sheehans Burger

We have a show in the theatre tonight. After Midnight. That’s the name of the show not the time we see it. It’s a jazz, soul and tap show based on New York’s infamous Cotton Club in Harlem. It’s great fun with some really talented dancers and singers.

The Waterfront

Dinner is quite late at Teppanyaki. After also trying similar in Izumi on Independence of the Seas the routine, and songs, are very similar. We think this is better than Izumi food wise at least. I order the Asuka which is the filet mignon and shrimp combo. It’s very delicious. Our cook/entertainer is very funny and the family we are sat with turn out to be very friendly too making it a nice evening.

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