Norwegian Epic Transatlantic – Day 3 – At Sea

Epic is now in the Atlantic having passed through the straits of Gibraltar during the night. There is some motion in the ocean from some long slow sea swells. It’s not too bad and I quite like being remind I am on a ship and not in a hotel.

We breakfast in the Garden Cafe before taking a stroll around the top deck. The sky is clear and the sun is out but the wind still has a cool bite to it. We head to the back to the adult only section H2O. It’s a little sun trap where we enjoy some complimentary coffee out of the wind.

At 9.30am we head down to Bliss for the progressive trivia which will be held every sea day of the crossing. We team up with 6 other people and score 14 out of 20. Two other teams score 18 each so we have little catching up to do on subsequent days. It’s all good fun though and we get to meet new people.

Afterwards we walk through the ship. There seems to be events going on at every bar and venue. Painting in Headliners, the Art of Sushi in the Atrium, Origami in Shakers. You can do as little or as much as you like.

It’s soon lunchtime and we decide on waiter service in Taste. Again it’s very busy but we are soon seated. Greek Salad and a SpagBol for me. Peter has Quesadillas and a chicken sandwich. He also opts for dessert but I skip as the pasta was really filling.

Peter has disappeared to the gym so I spend the afternoon in the cabin listening to music and blogging. I spend an hour sat on the balcony watching the large swells lift the ship up and down. Always on the lookout for marine life all I see is a solitary sea bird skimming low over the waves. A seeking craft as Kate Bush would sing in Hello Earth. My favourite song from my favourite album of all time, The Hounds of Love.

I snooze for the rest of the afternoon. In the lead up to this holiday I had not been sleeping well so I use this as an excuse to catch up and replenish exhausted batteries. I end up watching a Denzel Washington movie where he plays a lawyer. I’ve no idea what it was called but I enjoyed it.

Pre dinner cocktails are enjoyed in Maltings and a Shakers before we head to the Manhattan Room for dinner. In contrast to the speciality dining last night the service is exemplary. The food is so good too. I have Asian Ribs with an amazing ginger/soy dip followed by a Caesar Salad and Bang Bang Chicken and Shrinp. So tasty. We finish with Cherry Pie and Lava Cake.

As we have a fairly early start in Madeira tomorrow we don’t stay up late. A final glass of wine in Maltings before heading back to the cabin to read before turning off the lights. The alarm is set.

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