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Norwegian Epic Transatlantic – Day 2 – At Sea

by Patrick O'Halloran
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Our first full day on Epic is a sea day. One of nine in total for this voyage. We have no real plans today other than to explore the ship, we are still getting lost, and relax.

We decide to breakfast in Taste this morning. It’s very busy but we are shown to a table for two with a sea view. The Mediterranean is a little choppy today but we can’t really feel much movement on the ship. The weather is a little overcast and cool so definitely not a pool day.

I unsurprisingly order Eggs Benedict and Peter has his usual fried eggs over medium with bacon and sausage. The Eggs Benedict was good but not the best. The hollandaise was a little bland. The coffee I am served is so strong as to be undrinkable. I’m not concerned as we have a coffee maker in the cabin so I have had one already. On leaving Taste we do stop by the coffee bar in the atrium and get two lattes to go. It’s good coffee but unfortunately, unlike some other cruise lines, it’s not included in the beverage package we have.

We head back to the room and Peter heads off to the cruise critic gathering. I don’t attend preferring instead to find a quiet spot to blog and listen to some music. Everywhere is so busy though and I find it tricky to find somewhere . I finally settle in the foyer of the Manhattan dining room. I spend just over an hour here before Peter joins me.

We lunch in the Garden Cafe on deck 15. It’s very busy but we find some seats before I head off to see what’s on offer. I try to be healthy but choosing some grilled chicken with vegetables. The chicken is very tasty but the veg was too crunchy. I do balance it out with a nice flourless chocolate cake. The ice cold Peroni is the perfect accompaniment.

From deck 15 we head down to the shops on decks 6 & 7. There is a wide variety of merchandise but we don’t purchase anything. We have a flutter in the casino but Lady Luck was not on our side today. The casino on this ship is large and strewn across most of deck 6.

I spend the rest of the afternoon catching up on some sleep with a snooze. I awake around 6pm and notice we are very close to land. Peter checks the ship’s location on the TV just as the cruise director announces a medical emergency means we will be changing course to stop at Malaga. A pilot boat comes alongside us shortly afterwards. Epic does not dock and around 20 minutes later we see the pilot boat leave. I assume with the sick passenger onboard. Before long we are back on track towards Madeira. We are told the stop will not affect our arrival time on Wednesday.

We dress for dinner and head down to the Cavern Club for the LGBT gathering. It’s packed. A little too busy perhaps so we only stay for one drink before heading to Shakers for a cocktail. A much more relaxed atmosphere.

Dinner is at Cagney this evening. NCL’s signature steakhouse. We ate at Cagney’s once before on Escape and the service was not so good. We are hoping for better tonight. It takes a while to get seated but we have a nice spot. We can see the restaurant is really busy.

Our waiter takes and age to arrive but that is nothing compared to the Sommelier who does not visit our table once. One our orders our taken we have to remind our waiter about drinks we he goes and fetches himself. For the rest of the evening Peter goes to the bar himself for glasses of wine. Not good.

The food however is very good. I have a shrimp cocktail to start and Peter orders crab cake. We both have the 8oz Filet Mignon with sides of Garlic Mash, Brocollini and mushrooms. The steaks are really good and cooked perfectly and more than make up for the slow service.

Dessert is a brownie with ice cream for me and and cheesecake for Peter. Coffees and brandies follow to round off a pleasant dinner.

We head to Bliss after dinner where a party is in full swing. Lots of dancing and good music. We join in but soon flag. Must be our age but we had fun nonetheless. We take the remainder of our drinks back to our room. Still too chilly to sit out on the balcony though.

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