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Norwegian Breakaway Cruise – April 2019 – Day 1

by Patrick O'Halloran
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Transatlantic crossings are best done from the comfort of a very large cruise ship I feel. Our flight from Manchester to Orlando and then onto Miami was not what we expected. A last minute change of aircraft meant there was no premium cabin that we had paid for and so no extra legroom or extra wide seats. Coach is ok for a medium haul trip but for long haul it’s not fun. We did however have 3 seats to ourselves which meant we could spread out a little. All the same though we were glad when we touched down at Orlando.

img_5960We quickly move through immigration but have to wait a while at the baggage carousel. Mesmerised by the seemingly endless appearance of case after case from the bowels of the airport we hope the next to be regurgitated are ours. Eventually, they spill out onto the moving belt and we grab ours and head to American check-in.  This shorter flight down to Miami was in American Airlines domestic 1st class which was really nice. We are soon climbing out of Orlando and over Port Canaveral where we should have been sailing from on Sunday if Oasis of the Seas had not had her little incident.

Baggage claim at Miami is a bit of a scrum down with multiple flights using the same carousel but again we soon have our cases and head to the complimentary shuttle to the Embassy Suites at Miami Airport. Knowing full well that due to the time difference we will be wide awake come the early hours we always try to get a suite with a separate living room where one of us can escape to without disturbing the other. Were thoughtful like that. We dine in the hotel grill which is very nice if a little pricey. Still, the food and drinks are good but as our body clocks are telling us it’s nearly 2am (9pm US) we head to bed.

Sure enough I am wide awake at 1am but I persevere and get back to sleep. I hear Peter get up and disappears into the other room…hopefully to iron my clothes for tomorrow. He returns sometime later and we snooze till 5:30am before brewing coffees. Showered and changed we head down for our complimentary breakfast which is basic but very good. Scrambled eggs, bacon and sausage with some nice buttermilk pancakes. We spend the rest of the morning in our room as the shuttle to the ship is not till 11:30

The shuttle service from the hotel is very well organised and we arrive at the terminal within 15 minutes. We must have missed the rush to get onboard as although there are still plenty of people about we pass through security, check in and board very quickly.  We head up to deck 16 and Spice H2O at the back of this ship. We order a couple of Rebellious Fish cocktails that we were told were very good and relax before heading into the Garden Buffett for lunch. It’s busy which is not unusual for boarding day. We find a table and enjoy burgers and fries. They’re good.

Cabins are available at 1.30pm so we head to deck 11 and stateroom 11294 which is a balcony cabin towards the aft of the ship. The room is really nice and much better than the one we had on Norwegian Epic…especially the bathroom setup. Epic sailors will know what i mean. An added bonus is that we have an angled balcony so it is much larger than the standard balconies which are really quite small. We explore the room and take photos whilst it is nice and tidy. We head out to explore the ship. We bump into Scott and Steven from Devon who like us are refugees from Oasis. The Transatlantic sailing that never was. This is not helped by the fact that Oasis’s sister ship Allure is docked right next to us. It’s soon time for muster drill and so we head to the Manhattan Room. That done we head back to the cabin to await sail away.

Our cases arrive just as we leave port. Breakaway has to sail up to the basin to make the necessary 180-degree turn before heading down the causeway and out to sea. We sail by a very busy South Beach full of people enjoying the later afternoon sun. It really is a gorgeous day. Light winds and low humidity. We unpack and hang up or clothes before showering and heading out to the Watrerfront. A lot of the ship’s restaurants are located on deck 8 but unusually they also have outdoor seating areas. This is called the Waterfront and it comes into its own at night where you can sip cocktails or eat dinner alfresco.

We sit outside at Maltings where we witness a glorious sunset as Breakaway heads southward to her first port of call, Roatan in Honduras. We head inside to Shakers Martini Bar where there is an 8pm gathering of the FOD (Friends of Dorothy). At 8.30pm we head to Moderno for dinner. This is the Brazilian style Churrascaria. For a meat-heavy menu, they have the most amazing salad bar and you could easily fill up on the selection here. We restrain ourselves as we know the meat is filling. We are sat outside on the Waterfront and waiter after waiter turns up at our table with different meat selections. Filet steak, Flank Steak, Sirloin Steak, Pork Tenderloin, Lamb, Sausage, Chicken. All delicious and all very filling. By the end of the meal, we are positively pooped and decide to call it a night. We are still a little jet lagged and not caught up on sleep. We get back to the cabin at just after 10pm but realise the clock go back an hour so we turn the lights out at 9:20pm. Lightweights.

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