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Norwegian Breakaway Cruise – April 2019 – Day 4

by Patrick O'Halloran
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Daylight creeps under the cabin drapes as we awake slowly this morning. Coffee gets the gears turning over and a look outside shows we’re are close to our next port of call, Harvest Cay in Belize. Harvest Cay is a small private island belonging to Norwegian Cruise Lines. In fact, I think they just rent it from Belize, I am not sure if it is for their exclusive use.

We are not rushing off the ship this morning and so we breakfast in Savor before collecting our things together and heading ashore. It’s a long walk along the pier to the entrance to the Cay but once through the gates, we see the area is immaculately clean with well-manicured gardens and a fabulous large swimming pool or a well-maintained beach if you want to spend the day there.

We grab two loungers by the pool and are soon both in the water cooling off. It’s much more humid than on previous days and although there is a breeze its not a strong as yesterday and so feels that much hotter. The cool waters of the pool are a welcome respite. We have the Ultimate Beverage Package on the ship which means we can order any drink up to a value of $15 (you pay the difference on anything higher than that). Despite the island belonging to NCL, the drinks package is not covered here which is a shame as the drinks are pricey. We only order some Coke Zeroes as its too early to drink alcohol for us.

We take turns to go off and explore the Cay. They have a wonderful Wildlife Experience here. It’s not big but it’s beautifully kept and you can see, snakes, butterflies and different types of birds. There is an abundance of tropical flowers and plants to see also. I also spy a very large Iguana making his way slowly across the pathway near the pool on his way to who knows where.

By late morning the cooling breeze has dropped a little and the humidity seems to rise. We decide to head back to the air-conditioned coolness of the ship for an early lunch. We lunch at O’Sheehans Irish Bar, our first visit this trip. Again service is prompt and friendly. We eat Nachos and Chipotle Chicken Burgers washed down with ice cold beers. Early afternoon Peter heads off to the water slides thinking they will be quiet with most people on the Island. He was right but on his return remarked he didn’t think they were as good as the slides on Norwegian Epic…I wouldn’t know.

Mid afternoon and we head back off the ship to do some shopping in one of the many shops at the Cay. We purchase a couple of T-Shirts from the Wildife Experience with some of the proceeds going towards wildlife preservation in Belize. We join the surge of people heading back to the ship before we depart on time at 5pm.

In the evening we make the most of the balmy weather by enjoying drinks on the waterfront. There is a nice cool breeze on the open decks and fellow guests are in a relaxed jovial mood. The cruise effect seems to be taking hold as people unwind.

We dine in Teppanyaki this evening. It was one of the highlights of our cruise on Norwegian Epic and so we are both looking forward to it. We are seated with fellow guests and our orders taken. We both order the Asuka which is Filet Steak and Shrimp. We start with a Miso Soup and then a green salad.

Our chef arrives with his repertoire of songs. Yes, Teppanyaki is not just about the food it’s a whole show. He expertly constructs the egg fried rice which is absolutely delicious. The chefs utensils are being spun and thrown around him like a whirling dervish all the time to an enthusiastic rendition of popular songs. The shrimp is next and each is a succulent tasty mouthful. The steak is simply melt in the mouth good. By the end we are stuffed and skip dessert.
We end the evening by heading up to Spice H2O where there is a Latin fiesta. The music is so infectious that you can’t keep still. At 11:15 it changes to the After Dark party and the music changes and so we head down to the nightclub, Bliss Lounge. It’s quite busy and we stay a while watching some very enthusiastic dancing before we head back to the cabin. I recall some shots were involved at some point. Might regret that tomorrow. We turn the clock on an hour and set alarms for 7am so that we don’t oversleep and miss our tour in Costa Maya tomorrow

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