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Norwegian Breakaway Cruise – April 2019 – Day 5

by Patrick O'Halloran
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Costa Maya is located on the Yucatan Penisula of mainland Mexico. We have visited

Mexico before but only to Cozumel, the small island, so this our first visit to the mainland.

We awake earlier as our excursion is at 9am and it’s about a 15min walk to the pickup location as this is a private tour and not one organised via NCL. A similar tour with them was nearly double the price.

We have a quick breakfast in the Garden Cafe before heading off the ship. It’s a circuitous route getting out of the port as they want you to go by every jewellers or gift shop they have. Once out of the port we head to the small office of Native Tours which Peter has read good things about. We are given our wristbands and board an air-conditioned coach for the 45 drive to Chacchoben Mayan Ruins.

Our tour guide is very talkative and went into a little too much detail about Mayan Culture for my liking. I don’t really need to know the intimate details of Mayan execution techniques involving the sting from a stingray and a mans todger. Ouch.

Once at the ruins, we are given some bottled water and we make our way to the first of the temples. It’s was more impressive than I expected and far more intact than ruins would have you believe. We do learn a lot about Mayan culture and the different castes. Apparently, Mayan were expert blaggers and manipulators to gain advantages over each other.

The temperature in this rainforest is muggy and oppressive. There is a welcome breeze on occasion. What is not so welcome are the biting insects. I am not targeted too much, Peter more so than me. We spend about 2 hours walking around the ruins and learning more about its history and the time and effort it takes to uncover the temples from centuries of rainforest growth.

We head back to Costa Maya at 12:15 and arrive at about 1:15. We pass through the rather brash port area. Certainly not as nice as Harvest Cay but a lot of people are enjoying the incredibly loud music being played around the pool area. We head back onboard the ship for some lunch at the Garden Cafe. We do venture back into the port after lunch but only briefly to try and pick up some WiFi so I can post the daily blogs. It’s not fast WiFi and so it takes a little while.

We are in port with two MSC ships, Seaside and the smaller Armonia. We are first to leave as we set off for Cozumel. Seaside is next and she speeds past us as she is heading back to Miami.

We have tickets for the show tonight. Rock of Ages. We arrive at the theatre at 6:45 where Scott and Steve wave us over as they have snagged front row seats. We enjoy the show. Not as much as we enjoyed Priscilla on Epic, we’re more disco than rock,  but the production values and cast are first rate.

After the show, we dine in Taste which is our first visit this trip. It’s very similar to Savor and they share the exact same menu. I order Lime and Dill Shrimp, Caesar Salad and Beef Short Rib Ragu. Peter has a Caprese and Caesar Salad followed by Pan Seared New Zealand Hake Fillet. We both enjoy.

We venture out to the waterfront for a drink and decide it might be time for bed but decide to head up to H2O to see what is going on. It’s a 70’s/80’s party and it’s great fun. So much so that we end up dancing the night away to Madonna, Michael & Whitney. Great fun.

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