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Norwegian Breakaway Cruise – April 2019 – Day 7

by Patrick O'Halloran
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Today is Saturday and the 7th and final day of our cruise on Norwegian Breakaway. Time always seems to move at a different pace on a cruise ship and by that, I mean quicker than normal. Seems only yesterday we were boarding in Miami. Still, it’s been a fantastic cruise and we have visited 3 ports we have not sailed to before.

We are slow to rise this morning, perhaps knowing there is nowhere we particularly need to be. Peter brews tea/coffee using the in-room coffee machine which is very handy for him as on other ships this is not always an option and means he has to traipse off to the nearest bar for early morning coffees.

We breakfast in Savor again preferring this to the hustle and bustle of the Garden Cafe which no doubt will be extra busy this morning. We enjoy our usual of Eggs Benedict with Country Fried Potatoes and eggs over medium with sausage and bacon. We also order the pastry basket to ensure some sweet danishes with our coffee.

I take a walk around the ship to take some video footage of the various venues I may have missed and we also stop off at the photo gallery to purchase some photos of ourselves taken earlier in the cruise. We split up shortly afterwards as I go up top to video the pool and aqua decks. It’s a little cloudier and blustery today but it’s a welcome respite from the fierce heat in Cozumel yesterday.

Peter disappears off to a cruise critic meeting at 11am whereas I opt for some relaxation time on the Waterfront listening to music. The Waterfront is popular with a lot of people relaxing and whiling away the hours. No doubt most thinking about packing ready for disembarkation tomorrow morning. We lunch in Savor which is really good. I have Hummus with Peporanata followed by Shrimp Arrabiati, it was spicy and good. Peter has nachos and cheeseburger.

We then had the onerous task of packing. Not our favourite pastime and we certainly don’t take as much care as on the outbound journey. We actually take turns to do this because a) cabin space b) we get grumpy and cursey. However, there is always a reward at the end, on the last day of our cruise we always try to fit in a frozen cocktail. On this occasion, we headed to Spice H2O for Bushwhackers, delicious.

The last evening of a cruise is always a bittersweet occasion. Slight sadness that it’s coming to an end but grateful for another cache of memories to take home with you. I think about this when I am sat at Maltings as Gulf of Florida slips by in Breakaways wake. We’ve had really calm waters all week. Roatan, Harvest Cay and Costa Maya were all new ports for us and we loved them. A highlight was definitely Turquoise Bay. Breakaway herself we have really enjoyed. Much more so than Epic last year, although there are a lot of similarities. So we toast an enjoyable cruise as we sip our drinks.

We eat in the Manhattan Room this evening. Unfortunately, we seem to have the grumpiest waiter of the cruise. In fact the only grumpy one. Grumpy might be a bit harsh, he just didn’t smile. He was ultra-efficient though and kept our wine glasses topped up. We thanked him for his good service at the end and were rewarded with a smile.

After dinner, we head back to the cabin to put our cases outside the cabin before we head back to Shakers for a final drink of the night. Thanks Breakaway…it’s been fun and although it’s the end of the cruise. The end is part of the journey.

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