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Norwegian Breakaway Cruise – April 2019 – Day 6

by Patrick O'Halloran
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After a smooth overnight sailing, we arrive in Cozumel but dock at the more northerly Punta Langosta Pier which is a first for us. We plan to go ashore later in the morning and take the 15/20 min walk to Pancho’s Backyard for lunch.

We exit the ship and into the furnace hot Mexican sunshine. It does really feel quite fierce. After making our way through the port shops we head in a northerly direction along the seafront. I would normally like to walk on the sunny side of the street but today we wisely keep to the shadows and shade. It does mean we have to run the gamut of vendors and shopkeepers trying to entice us in to sample and buy their wares. It seems every other shop is selling tequila but a polite no thank you seems to do the trick and they don’t hassle us at all.

We spot a pretty little square where we stop to take photos in front of a large colourful sign spelling out Cozumel and then we head over to a fancy sculpture depicting sea life and divers, again for some pics.

We arrive at Pancho’s and enter the cool air-conditioned shop which sells a lot of generally high-quality souvenirs, very different from a lot of the tacky gift shops along the front. We head out back to the restaurant and are quickly seated near to where a cute older Mexican couple is playing the xylophone. This Pancho’s does not have the stunning waterside location of the other which is close to the Carnival Pier further south but other than that it looks very similar.

We order Margaritas which are served in what can only be described as goldfish sized glasses along with a plate of corn chips, guacamole and salsa. All are delicious. We take some time deciding on our main. To be honest we probably could have settled on what we had already but the food looks so good I order Chimichanga and Peter orders chicken Burritos. Prices are very reasonable. It is very good but filling. too.

Stuffed we exit through the shop again but don’t purchase anything and then make our way slowly back along the seafront again running into every shopkeeper we met on the way up. Back at the port, we scour the duty-free for any bargains but again don’t get anything. We join the horde of people heading back to the ship. Armonia has followed us up from Costa Maya and is docked next to us again. Compared to our ship she is much smaller and very old looking. I know which ship I would rather be on.

Later that afternoon we have the age-old problem of what to wear that evening. We are generally careful not to wear similar styles or colours. Not sure why but Peter and I are sometimes mistaken for brothers so it could be that. That done we shower and head out for the evening. Drinks on the Waterfront has become a routine but its such a lovely one. I know we will miss this once we disembark. We are eating in Le Bistro tonight. This could be classed as Breakaways premium restaurant and has a classy french theme.  

We are quickly seated and brought menus. We both order Lump Crab Salad and then a bruschetta & goats cheese salad. Main for me is Dover Sole and Veal Tenderloin for Peter. Everything is well presented and tastes amazing. As portion sizes were reasonable we order dessert as we are not too full. Profiteroles for me and Cheesecake for Peter.

It is the Glow Party tonight in Spice H2O. We like to dress accordingly so head back to the cabin to change into all-white outfits. We head up top a little

earlier so we can get our faces made up with fluorescent paints. The guy doing mine insists on painting my beard assuring me it washes out easily. Fingers crossed.

It’s very busy tonight and it seems everyone wants to partake in one of NCL most fun parties. We experienced it on Epic but it started to rain right at the beginning so it was moved down to the Bliss Lounge. Weather looks good for tonight though. Spice H2O is strictly over 18’s but for Glow, children are allowed which I guess makes it easier for parents to attend.

The lights go dark at 10:15 and the cruise director appears on stage to launch the event. It’s all very well choreographed with lights, lasers and videos. Staff hand out glow sticks to everyone and the music kicks in. Very good fun but we enjoyed it better on Epic even though it was inside.

We stay till nearly midnight but decide to visit O’Sheehan’s for a late night snack before heading to bed. Expecting it to be fairly quiet the place is packed. We only have some nachos which take far too long to come but we hastily devour when they do before heading back to cabin 11294.

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