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Wednesday 1st November 2017

A pinch and a punch, the first of the month.

The days are starting to blur now. We have settled into somewhat of a routine during these long sea days. As we are travelling westwards each day is 25 hours long as we take an hour off each night until we reach Boston on Saturday morning. My blog seems to mainly consist of what we are eating a drinking but am sure the 2nd week will be different once we arrive somewhere.

We breakfast in the main dining room this morning. We both choose Eggs Benedict followed by some toast which we have with jam. We skip the pastries offered something we now find easy to do. We are not depriving ourselves all the time as we enjoy dessert every night, but on these ships it’s real easy to let things slip and get really carried away as evident by the scales whenever we return home from previous cruises. Once done we head by the photo gallery again to see if the photographers have worked any magic on our poses last night. We like some more than others but they all go into our folder.

Back in the cabin Peter heads off to the gym. My back has improved from yesterday but still a little sore and so a handy excuse for me to evade the treadmill again. The weather has improved greatly and there is more blue sky than cloud. It’s a balmy 18 degrees outside which is not to be sniffed at in November. I head out onto the balcony without a coat for the first time. It’s a toss up between reading, music or blogging. I do them all in roughly that order. As I said the days are blurring into one so I have to rack my brain to recall the events of the previous day and what we did and when. Peter returns and he joins me on the balcony where we enjoy some soft drinks whilst the Atlantic slips easily by. I am always on the lookout for whales and dolphins but the only life I can see are a couple of sea birds skimming low over the waves and tracking us for miles. The Ocean itself is relatively calm and the only sound is the breaking of the waves at Eclipses bow.

The weather is so nice we are able to eat lunch al fresco today as we head through the OVC to the sun deck at the back. We are lucky to find a small table as it’s very busy out here. I enjoy some sticky ribs and bbq chicken with chips (told you I’m not being good all the time). Peter has grilled meats and salad (goody two shoes). We sips Bud Lights as we watch Eclipses wake trail behind us. The ever present seabirds trailing behind.

In the afternoon we decide to take part in a digital scavenger hunt organised by the ship. There are about 6 teams made up mostly of couples but also a couple of single entrants too. We have 30 minutes to take pictures of items from a list of about 25 on a sheet of paper we are all handed. I don’t recall everything on the list but examples of things we had to take a picture of were:

  • A fancy vase
  • A friendly waiter
  • A can of coke
  • A do not disturb sign
  • A statue
  • A bartender

You get the idea. So we scamper off around the ship trying to locate these things. A few of the items were obscure like a picture of every team member line dancing or a man in high heels!!! We return to the starting point where scores are totted up. Thinking we had done quite well we find out we were 5th out of 6. The 4 teams ahead of us scoring far more than we did. Ah well it was good fun anyway with some exercise thrown in. We reward our effort with coffee at Al Bacio along with a slice of cheesecake each. It was delicious. Late afternoons are always a bit lazy. Again I find myself on the balcony enjoying the view. Ok it doesn’t change much but there is something calming and relaxing about the Ocean.

At 7pm we head out for the evening. Yep you guessed it. Martini Bar is our first port of call. The ship seems strangely subdued and quiet this evening. There is definitely less people about and we get seats at the bar no problem. I then realise there is a show on in the theatre so that’s where most people are. We are not big cruise ship show lovers although no doubt we will attend one in the coming days. Depends on the show. From Martini Bar where I was fuelled by Sunsets and Cherry Lane Martinis we head to the Word Class Bar and then onto Cellar Masters. Again we meet a nice couple from Portland Oregon who we chat to for a while before heading to dinner.

Dinner is in Qsine tonight. Ever since enjoying this place on Reflection back in May we have been looking forward to returning. We are not disappointed. The very quirky menu is handed to us on iPads and we pick out five selections.

  • Taco Royales – beef tacos where you make your own guacamole to top the taco.
  • M Favourites -a selection of Mediterranean dishes and treats such as hummus, falafel, olives, grilled chicken.
  • Chitinis – a selection of small Chinese dishes served with sticky rice
  • Taj Mahal – similar to the above but with an Indian slant.
  • Persian Kebobs – tender grilled chicken pieces served on a bed of rice.

Suffice to say that although each of the items above are small bite size portions we are stuffed by the end. We can’t make dessert but thoroughly enjoyed the delicious food and copious wines served. As we have to pass through the Ensemble Lounge we stop for brandies feeling it will definitely help with our digestion after all that food.

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