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We are now just about 300 miles east of Boston. Our final sea day before we see land again. The number of sea birds has increased as we can now see lots of gulls in addition to the Petrels and Skuas that we spotted mid ocean. We also spot other shipping, mostly container ships and tankers. We breakfast later this morning hoping the OVC will be quieter. It is and we find seats easily. After being virtuous yesterday a I am a little naughtier today and in addition to the bacon and eggs I have some fried bread and sausage.

We pick up last nights photos and add them to our folder. I don’t like mine particularly but the one of us together is quite nice. We grab some coffees and head back to the cabin. We have some immigration forms that we need to fill in for our arrival tomorrow and so want to get them out of the way. Peter heads to the gym but I stay in the cabin and watch a movie on my iPad.

We lunch early at the back of the ship with a nice view of the ships wake. At 1pm we head to the Lawn Club to watch the Hot Glass Show. The Corning Museum of Glass has 3 of these shows on Equinox, Solstice and Eclipse. It’s a fascinating show. I know little to nothing about glass making and blowing so watching the experts in action is very cool. It’s a 2 hour show so we only do the first hour. I will come back later in the cruise to watch the second half. We see one of the glassmaker create a beautiful multicoloured vase and then another make a small glass sculpture of a church which she will later encase in a glass shell, pretty much like a ship in a bottle.

For the afternoon we attend one of the Beyond the Podium events in the theatre. This is a lecture by Dr Harry Murphy an expert on movies and tv. It was fun and informative and fairly well attended. It specifically focused on the Hollywood Blockbusters starting with the first, Jaws, up to more modern ones such as Avatar. His talk was accompanied with lots of clips from said movies as well as some anecdotal information and interesting facts and figures. It’s lasted only 45mins but broke up the afternoon.

It’s been a strange day weather wise. One minute sunny, then overcast and as evening descends it’s gets quite foggy. So much so that the ship is soundings it’s fog horn at regular intervals to warn other ships in the area that a 116,000 tonne leviathan is passing through.

We decide to try and delay going out so early tonight. Only because we want to try and limit the amount of alcohol we have imbibed so far. The later we start drinking the less we get through. At least that is the plan. We sit in the Crush bar area as the Martini Bar is full. My favourite drink of this cruise is called Cherry Lane. Not sure what’s in it but I like a lot.

We dine in Tuscan Grill. Food and service is excellent. Out waitress is from Cape Town, a place I have always wanted to visit. She sells it well. Am sure I could persuade Peter to go if there was a cruise from there. The steaks we order are done to perfection so we leave happy.

Silent disco again tonight but this time in the Solarium as opposed to the nightclub. It’s well attended but the music selection is not as good in my opinion. However, who do still stay for an hour and are joined by Mhairi & Graham. Aware of an early start in the morning we retire to bed just before midnight. Will be nice to see some dry land tomorrow.

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