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High Seas and Dancing Queens.

by Patrick O'Halloran
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I am awake before dawn. Hours before it would seem. I think my body is still on UK time as they are 3 hours ahead of us now. I try to return to sleep without any success. At around 5.45 I give up. By this time I have managed to wake Peter. He was snoring anyway so I don’t care. He brews some tea and coffee and we end up sitting up and reading in bed. He finishes his book and I expect he will get through 3 or 4 books to my 1.

After the extravagant feast in Qsine last night we stick to cereal and fruit for breakfast. We feel virtuous especially as Mhairi and Graham pass by and spot what we are eating. We take a stroll around the top deck, the sea air is a wonderful tonic. We are of course in danger of being mown down by the ever present power walkers lapping the top deck.

It’s a beautiful morning to sit out on the balcony as I write my blog. Peter has headed to the gym again. My back is much better so I don’t really have an excuse not to go other than I didn’t want to. I already did fruit and cereal, let’s not push things too far.

We are getting ever closer to land again. Just today and Friday and then arriving in Boston on Saturday morning. From the people we have spoken to on the ship most are ready to get off now and do other things. From our present location we passed very close to the wreck of the Titanic overnight. Luckily for us at the tail end of summer there are no icebergs about in the North Atlantic and even if there were I would like to think modern radar would spot them in time. Really don’t fancy clinging to a wardrobe trying to blow a whistle in the middle of the night.

Lunch is in the main dining room. We are seated promptly but Peter gets agitated as the Sommelier skips our table for the wine order. Despite two requests to our waiter he doesn’t show. Peter has to go find someone else to take the order. Once sorted we both order Shrimp Salad with a Mango Sauce. Peter then has a gargantuan Goats Cheese Fritatta and I have a Cuban Panini. All very nice.

For the afternoon we decide to head to one of the matinee shows in the Eclipse Theatre. It’s simply called Duos. We arrive 10 minutes before the scheduled start to finds its standing room only. I have never seen a ships theatre so packed before. So we stand at the back. We have a good view so it’s not too bad. We enjoy the show. It’s a mixture of singing and dancing with a little comedy thrown in. A proper variety show that highlights some of the various talents onboard, especially the musicians. From the theatre we quickly head to the sunset bar at the back of the ship and nab one of the few remaining tables that’s not in the shade where we enjoy a couple of Budweisers. The rest of the theatre catches up soon after and there are several dismayed looks when they realise they might have to sit in the shade.

It’s Evening Chic again tonight and so we dress accordingly. Peter takes approximately double the time I take to get ready. Just thought I would throw that observation out there. We sit at the Passport Bar which is full on Captains Club members enjoying their complimentary drinks that they receive between 5pm and 7pm each evening. You get three free drink vouchers. We have them too but as we have the drinks package we don’t need them.

We join Mhairi and Graham for a couple of Martinis at the very busy Martini Bar after. Martini Bar is always packed on Chic night as everyone likes to show off their finery, especially the ladies in their frocks, shoes and jewels. There is quite a large gay contingent on this sailing and the daily LGBTQ get together is at 7.15 in the Martini Bar. We don’t attend officially as we like to mix with anyone and everyone. It’s just how we are. They are a fairly loud and effervescent group, especially once the drinks kick in. I don’t think I could manage a gay only cruise…it would be too tiring, but you never know, one day perhaps.

We dine in Moonlight Sonata. We are a little perplexed as the table next to us has had a different couple sitting there every night. All the other tables around us are the same people. We then realise they are an overflow from the select dining on the deck above. Anyway today’s are a nice older couple. Well she was nice, he just sat looking at us broodily. I think they must have had a domestic beforehand or he just didn’t like us. We had barely sat down when our Sommelier was over and pouring our wine. She remembered what we liked so we didn’t even need to ask. Food again was good. Cajun Shrimp to start for both of us (we are eating a lot of shrimp this sailing but it’s so good) and Caesar Salads to follow. I had Pasta Primavera for my main and Peter had grilled chicken breast. We both had apple pie to end the meal.

After a quick change we head up to the Sky Lounge where there is an ABBA themed night. We walk in to the familiar voices of Agnetha and Frida singing Take a Chance On Me. All the lyrics are projected onto the wall although why anyone would need them unless you came from another planet I don’t know. Pretty sure everyone knows the words to every ABBA song off by heart. It’s all good fun but seems to end rather abruptly much to Peters dismay. He was enjoying being a Dancing Queen. We decide to venture to the sunset lounge for a drink, thinking it will be too chilly we are surprised that’s actually quite nice but we only stay for one glass of wine.

It’s getting late now so we head to the Ensemble lounge for Baileys over ice. We then decide we needed pizza and so find ourselves munching pepperoni in the OVC with a few other guests who had the same idea. One we have finished we head back to our cabin.

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