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Final Day at Sea

by Patrick O'Halloran
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Our last sea day of this cruise. The Atlantic Ocean has been kind and today is no different. I see my first flying fish of the trip. Skittering like silver arrows across the wave tops out of Eclipses way. The temperature on the balcony is warm and humid. A stark contrast to those early seas day just after departing Southampton.

Today our thoughts turn to the onerous task of packing. It’s got to be done and today is the ideal time, but breakfast first. Once done we see what new photos have appeared in the photo gallery. There were a few we had taken in Bermuda that we like so we pop them into our folder, it’s getting quite thick now.

We spend the rest of the morning sorting clothes from what we still need to what can be packed. Peter does his first as there is not enough room in the cabin and we would be tripping over each other. Once he is finished he disappears to the gym so I can do mine.

We dine in the Moonlight Sonata for lunch. We both have the same apart from dessert. Jumbo Shrimp, Cuban Panini and Apple Strudel for me, cheesecake for Peter. The rest of the afternoon in spent in the Solarium. I even venture into the Jacuzzi. A rarity for me. I think Alan Carr had it right when he said. It’s like pushing your hot tub out into your garden and inviting complete strangers to jump in with you. I have it all to myself though with lovely views out to the ocean as we sail south westerly toward The Bahamas.

We head up to the Sunset Bar around 6pm and nab the two best seats on the ship. They are on their own and overlook the back of the ship. It’s the only time we have managed it as they are very popular. Sunset is not as good as the other evening but still nice to sit and relax and watch the ships wake.

It’s also the last Evening Chic night of the cruise and so we dress to impress. We meet Mhairi And Graham in the Martini Bar and get some photos taken together. It’s quite busy with people tonight especially at around 7.45pm when the early show finishes. We went to one matinee show the whole cruise and weren’t really impressed with that. It’s something Royal Caribbean seem to do so much better. It’s the only real edge they have over Celebrity though in my opinion.

We dine in Moonlight and our excellent sommelier Anna is ever present with our favourite wine. We even give her a tip as we finish as we are eating in Tuscan tomorrow night so won’t see her again this cruise. There have been some truly great service onboard this ship. For me Eclipse has the edge over Reflection but it’s a close run thing.

Food is good again. Overall Celebrity have the best food in a main dining room on any cruise line we have tried. I have scallops to start, duck al l’orange (which is terrific) and Chocolate dessert to finish which was way too rich for me. Peter has Salmon Rillette, Beef wellington and cheesecake to finish.

We have some wine in the Sunset Bar where we chat to some guys from the north of England. well I say we but it’s mostly Peter. We finish with espressos and brandies on Cafe Al Bacio. Tomorrow we reach Nassau in the Bahamas. not my favourite port stop not least because we have been there so often.

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