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Devil’s Isle – Day Two

by Patrick O'Halloran
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I wake early. Always the same when I don’t have to rush off anywhere.

Eclipse is only in port till noon today and everyone needs to be back onboard by 11.30 am. We don’t plan to venture far. Only out to explore the Royal Dockyards themselves. We breakfast in Moonlight and then a quick change before heading out.

It’s just before 9am and already a lot of ships passengers are about. We note that a lot of the shops don’t open until 10am which considering we leave early seems silly to me. Perhaps they assume we are here all day. Either way, they are missing out as cruise ship passengers always seem keen to part with their cash in order to take home a piece of whichever resort they are in. Some do open at 9am and do a brisk trade.

We head into the Clocktower Mall which is full of some nice shops (some open, some not). From there we walk around the Camber which is full of small yachts and fishing boats. We visit the Bermuda Glassworks. We don’t stop for the glass show as I can’t imagine it could be better than the Hot Glass Show on the ship.

We head through the Victualling Yard which seems to be home to a multitude of hens and

a couple of cats. Then through the Cooperage, until we reach The Snorkel Park. It’s a little man-made beach and ideal if you want to swim in the ocean but not travel too far from the ship. It’s nice enough but the surrounding area looks a little tired.

We decide to visit the Maritime Museum. The captain of the catamaran yesterday said that it was worth a visit. We pay the $15 entrance fee each and proceed inside. Our first stop is the Commissioners House. It sits atop a small hill that is easy to climb. The house itself is in the old colonial style and is full of various exhibits from the early history of the island, the slave trade, commerce and fishing to sailing. There is so much to see on several levels. We almost miss the basement section which is full of information and exhibits on the surrounding fortress and Bermuda’s participation in the world wars.

From the Commissioners House we walk around viewing the large cannons that are placed around the fortification. It’s getting quite warm now but luckily all the exhibits are in air-conditioned rooms. We see further exhibits on the history of the America’s Cup and sailing in general as this part of the world is synonymous with the sport. We head back to the ship shortly before she is due to leave. However, we are far from the last onboard as we can see stragglers from our balcony. Everyone must have been on board as the walkways were withdrawn and the ropes untied shortly before midday and we pull out from Heritage Quay.

We lunch shortly afterwards in the OVC. As its now warm enough to eat outside as well as in we find seats fairly easily. My lunch is a bit of a hodgepodge, from Spanish tapas to Indian curry. Very nice though. The afternoon is spent very lazily. As its a semi Sea day there are activities throughout the ship in the afternoon but we simply head to the Solarium where it’s now much quieter than it had been last week. Peter reads and I listen to music.

The evening is our second visit to Qsine this cruise. We are promptly seated. We try to pick some different options this time around although two favourites make it back onto our must-have list. namely the Persian Kebobs and the M’s Favorites. We add the Filet Mignon and the Popcorn Fish and Chips. It was all so good. As we had only picked four dishes we found we had space for dessert so I order the silver bullet. A delicious cornucopia of gelato, sorbet and fruit. Peter order cupcakes that he had to assemble himself complete with frosting and sprinkles. He made short work of them.

It’s the final silent disco of the cruise in the Sky Lounge. We have a good time although I think the nightly ritual of eating and drinking is having its toll as we run out of steam early on and even switch to soda rather than alcohol. We retire early to bed.

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