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What is Cruise Travel Insurance and why do you need it?

One important thing that a lot of people don’t realise is that cruises are not covered by standard travel insurance policies. You need specialised cruise travel insurance to cover you on your cruise vacation.

Cruise travel insurance is a specific type of travel insurance policy that covers accidents, injuries and other potential mishaps that could occur during a cruise holiday.  It’s designed around the activities that you’re likely to take part in during your cruise and also offers cover for additional accommodation and travel expenses under certain circumstances.

Most insurance policies have the cruise element as an extra add-on so ensure you select this when purchasing your travel insurance. Don’t assume it’s already included. 

What does cruise travel insurance cover?

Most cruise insurance policies cover the following areas:

Cabin confinement

If you fall ill during your cruise, you may be ordered by the ship’s medical officer to stay confined to your cabin until the illness passes. This is to stop your condition from spreading to other passengers or crew members. The cabin confinement clause in cruise insurance allows you to receive compensation for every 24-hour period that you have to stay in your cabin. 

Unused excursions

Most cruise insurance companies will cover the cost of any pre-booked excursions that you’re unable to use because you’ve been confined to your cabin due to illness or injury. 

Itinerary change

Sometimes, your cruise operator may have to change the itinerary of your trip due to adverse weather or timetable restrictions. If a significant proportion of the services on your cruise cannot be provided, you should be entitled to compensation from the cruise operator too. 

Missed port departure 

Missed port departure covers the cost of accommodation and travel expenses if you miss your cruise leaving and need to catch it at another port. This could be due to a number of reasons including:

  • Public transport delays
  • Accident or breakdown in the vehicle you’re travelling in
  • Accident or breakdown ahead on the motorway that causes delays
  • Strike, industrial action or adverse weather

Cancellation and curtailment

Cruise holidays can be expensive and are often booked far in advance of the travel date. Cancellation cover allows you to claim back the cost cancelling your trip before you take off. This includes things such as flights, hotel books and travel to and from airports. Curtailment covers the cost of your cruise if it’s cut short and you return home early unexpectedly. 

Cruise interruption

Cruise interruption covers the cost of you needing hospital treatment during the course of your cruise. This includes medical bills as well as expenses required for you to rejoin your cruise where possible. 

Medical expenses

Medical expenses cover costs that arise due to you falling ill or getting injured during your trip. This includes the cost of medical treatment, procedures, and daily hospital room fees where they apply. Medical expenses also cover the cost of having to fly you back home via air ambulance so that you can be treated. Some policies will also pay for accommodation for your travel companions if you require extensive treatment. 

Baggage and belongings

Most cruise insurance policies will cover the cost of your baggage or belongings being lost, stolen or delayed during your trip. The level of cover that you’re likely to get may vary depending on your policy so be sure to check the terms and conditions before taking one out. 


The majority of cruise insurance policies will cover the cost of your travel money being lost or stolen. The amount you’re allowed to claim for will vary among insurers so it’s important to make sure that you have the right level of cover. 

Top 3 Tips

Before picking your cruise travel insurance policy, bear the following three top tips in mind:

  • Check cabin confinement daily amounts – if you can’t leave your cabin you could be able to get £15-£1,000 ($20-$1,250) a day. Some providers cover the cost of missed excursions too.
  • Find the right cancellation refund – make sure you choose a policy that covers the cost of your cruise, as payouts can range from £250-£25,000 ($320-$31,000).
  • Choose the right cover limits – to cover all eventualities, we recommend the minimum amount of medical cover you should choose is £1m ($1.25m) to £2m ($2.5m).

We can highly recommend Just Travel Cover for your travel Insurance Needs. 

just travel cover

Some of the benefits of using them are:

  1. No age limit on single trip policies
  2. Annual policies and cruise cover available (additional benefits for cruises)
  3. They compare a range of insurers providing quality cover with high limits (these include AXA, AIG and specialist medical underwriters). We like to think of this as a mini comparison site offering high quality travel insurance for people of any age and with any medical condition
  4. Specialists in pre-existing medical conditions
  5. Five star rated schemes/cover
  6. 24/7 English speaking assistance when overseas
  7. 95% of clients would recommend us having left a 4/5 star review.


It’s not nice to think about something going wrong on your cruise but it is nice to have peace of mind knowing you have the proper cover should you need it.

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