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Beach Excursion Packing List

One of the most popular and cost-friendly shore excursions on a cruise vacation is a trip to the beach. Many of the worlds best beaches can be found in the Caribbean and so it’s no surprise that many people want to spend their day just relaxing on a sun-drenched beach sipping cocktails and enjoying the sound of waves lapping at the shore. However, you can’t carry too much with you so what are some of the best items you can take to ensure your Beach Day is the best ever?

Action Camera

The perfect way to capture and keep those underwater memories. There are some excellent dive and snorkel sites in the Caribbean and you will want to remember all those amazingly coloured fish you saw. There is a range of different cameras to suit different budgets but we are big fans of DJI and their OSMO Action is a winner. Some would argue that Go Pro products are better but the price difference between the 2 is quite significant.

Waterproof Mobile Phone Case

If you want to keep that sand or salty seawater off your precious, and expensive, mobile device then a waterproof phone case is a very good idea. You can still use the touch screen even when your phone is in the pouch.

Microfibre Beach Towel

If you are short on space in your backpack or carry bag, these microfiber beach blankets fold up nice and small to make them easy to take with you. Perfect for using at the beach or around the pool. These ultra-fast drying and very compact blankets are incredibly useful.

Beach Cover Up

Swimsuit cover-ups are not just practical, but in some cases they are essential. You can leave the ship already wearing your swimming custom by just throwing on a cover-up. If you want to leave the beach and head to the local shops for example then some Caribbean destinations frown upon tourists browsing for goods in just their bikinis or swimwear. A cover-up is a quick, easy and trendy way to look beach chic.

Insulated Water Bottles

Insulated drink bottles are an excellent way of keeping beverages nice and cold during your day at the beach. You can fill up before you leave your cabin and a good bottle should keep things nice and chilled for hours. They are also handy for pouring any cold (or hot) beverage you buy at the beach too. We personally are big fans of Tervis that provide some stylish but excellent double-walled tumblers like the one below. Mine is in a funky whale design.

Beach Bag

A must-have for your Beach Packing List and very handy for carrying all of your Nik-naks and items. Just pack it, throw it over your shoulder and you are good to go.

Water Shoes

One way to spoil your day at the beach is to cut open your foot whilst wading in the shallows on an unseen jagged rock…or worse, a spiny sea urchin. Water shoes are an excellent way to avoid that. They are robust, lightweight and come in a variety of styles and colours.


Keep yourself protected against harmful UV rays with some strong sunscreen. A high SPF is recommended, especially because the sun reflects off of the water, leading to the potential for some nasty burns. If you are swimming in tropical waters then it is an idea to purchase some reef-friendly sunscreen. This product by Thinksport has a perfect score on EWG, and doesn’t contain any biologically toxic chemicals. It is water-resistant for up 80 minutes and is absorbed easily by your skin.

Snorkel Set

What better way to spend some time at the beach than swimming in the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean to see the myriad of sea life hidden beneath the waves. This dry snorkel set comes in a variety of colours and is suitable for both male/females and kids.

Portable Power Pack

No doubt you will be snapping lots of gorgeous photos or recording lots of video with your smartphone whilst at the beach. We all know that this can seriously deplete the power bar on your device, and we don’t want to be getting any of those low battery reminders do we? This handy little gadget will power up a smartphone to 100% in little over an hour.