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I’m awake but it’s pitch black. I’ve no idea of the time. I think it’s that period where your body wakes just before the alarm goes off. My phone is out of reach and I feel disconnected, adrift. I also feel inertia pulling at my body ever so slightly as Eclipse rides the sea swells as we head westward across the Atlantic Ocean. I know we are southwest of Ireland somewhere.

I gingerly head toward the bathroom, mindful of the coffee table that sits in the middle of the room but cannot see. I love that Celebrity have a soft nightlight in the bathroom. No sudden blinding light when you need to relieve yourself in the night. I grab Evian water on the way back to the bed. A bottled oasis to combat dehydration brought on by last night consumption of cocktails and wines.

I snooze until I can see the dawn light beneath the curtains. Peter wakes, dresses and heads down to Cafe Al Bacio for our skinny lattes. A caffeine kick to start the day. We have a kettle in the room with sachets of teas and coffees but Al Bacios is far superior and as its included in our premium drinks package its not costing us anymore. We head to the OVC for breakfast. We are good. No cakes and pastries. We stick to eggs, bacon and mushrooms.

We are slightly thrown by the time. Our phones and hence our Apple Watches have switched to British wintertime overnight and we are an hour out. Not that it really matters as I have no place to be and have no official plans or activities scheduled for today. Peter does and has 3 minutes to make it to the Sky lounge for the cruise critic gathering. He takes some gifts from Manchester for the gift swap. I stopped attending these meetings years ago as they tend to drag on slightly and you have to talk to people and its usually too early for me to do that. He returns with a cuddly bear that he got in the gift swap. I immediately name him Bailey and henceforth will come on all our cruises with us.

We grab our iPads and head to the Solarium. Far too chilly to sit on the outer decks, perhaps next week will be warmer as we head south. Solarium is of course packed with people but we do find a sheltered spot on the pool deck where we relax for a hour or so reading and listening to music. We spot dolphins following the ship, their sleek bodies jumping high out of the water as Eclipse sails further west at about 18knots.

We head to lunch around 1pm. We find a table and I head to the buffet whilst Peter remains seated. I choose to make my own sandwich of chicken and salad. Peter just has some grilled chicken with his salad. We do enjoy some desserts of chocolate mousse and a cookie each, nothing too damaging. Early afternoon is spent in the library reading.

At 4pm we both head to the gym. Nothing too strenuous but I spend 20 minutes on the treadmill. An older lady joins the treadmill next to mine and I spot she is doing 4mph to my 3.5. I increase my speed to match and I am soon slightly breathless, a testament to how unfit I am. Still on a positive I am much fitter than I was several months ago. Peter cycles and I can see him singing along to his music and so feel slightly sorry for the passengers either side of him.

Tonight is the first Evening Chic of the cruise and so we don our tuxedos and head to the Martini Bar. Sunset Martinis and London Sapphire Collins are ordered. Mhairi and Graham join us shortly afterwards and we discuss our day as you do. Theirs seemed to consist mainly of sleep and these sea days are perfect for doing as much or as little as you like. We head to the World Class Bar next which specialise in about a dozen cocktails only. I have a Zacapa Old Fashioned (Zacapa Rum, Bulliet Bourbon and Chocolate liqueur). It’s delicious. Peter has something with Gin and Pink Grapefruit…I don’t recall the name of it.

Dinner is in the Moonlight Sonata main dining room this evening. We are shown to our table of two. We are both very hungry and make short work of the breadsticks and focaccia when it arrives. We both order Shrimp Cocktails and Caesar Salads. My main is Rack of Lamb which is gorgeous, Peters is Beef Tournedo. I enjoy apple crumble a la mode and Peter has apple pie a la mode.

Quick change and we are off to the Quasar Nightclub for the silent disco. As always its great fun with everyone in good spirits (and full of spirits by the look of them) swapping channels to find their favourite songs. Mhairi and Graham join us too. Sadly it finishes around 11pm, although the club stays open until the early hours. We head to the Sky lounge for a drink and then stop by the OVC for a couple of slices of pizza before we head back to our cabin.

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