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Bermuda Bound – Another day at sea.

by Patrick O'Halloran
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After the frenetic energy of New York its nice to be back at sea again. We settle into old routines. Peter fetches coffee from Cafe Al Bacio first thing which we enjoy on the balcony. The Xcelerate internet on the ship is patchy at best and don’t thinks its worth the price they charge. Luckily we got a good discount when we purchased it. The mild weather continues as Eclipse heads in a south easterly direction toward the small island nation of Bermuda. I think I recall the captain saying it’s about 650 nautical miles from New York.

We breakfast in the Moonlight Sonata. It’s seems fairly quiet as there is no line awaiting us as we arrive. Clocks went forward one hour last night so that might have thrown everyone. With multiple time zones and daylight savings it’s no wonder people’s body clocks are off kilter. However, it means we are seated immediately. The wait staff are friendly and efficient. I have my Eggs B and Peter orders a random last second selection when the waiter turns up. Poached eggs, ham and tomatoes??? We both enjoy though.

My memory is a little foggy on what we did for the rest of the morning. I know it involved Peter going to the gym and me relaxing on the balcony (told you we reverted to old habits). I think Peter is more determined than me to keep the weight increase at a minimum. Peter reached his goal weight before the holiday and so does not have to pay the weekly subscription fee at the meeting, providing he stays within a set number of pounds from his goal. I still had a way to go on mine so I am hoping any damage can quickly be repaired.

We dine again in the Moonlight Sonata. It’s only opens for lunch on sea days so we make the most of it. By contrast the OVC on sea days is a bit of a scrum, particularly if you pick the wrong time. In the Moonlight you are guaranteed to find a table. We note straight away that the menu is a repeat of one we had during the crossing last week. No doubt they rotate them so on longer sailings like this they you do see them again.

I order the exact same choices as I did that time. Key West Salad, Nagasaki Udon Noodles (with those succulent shrimp) and Chocolate Brownie with toffee sauce and Salted Caramel Ice Cream. It was so enjoyable. Oh and the Sommelier served the wine swiftly. We spend the rest of he afternoon down on deck 4. They have a small promenade section where there is a nice row of comfortable steamer chairs. The starboard section was catching some nice afternoon sunshine so we were lucky to get two chairs.

At 4pm we head up to the Hot Glass Show again. It started at 3pm but we had already seen the first half before (they do vary slightly from show to show though). When we arrive Helen was just finishing her piece and Rebecca was just starting. I won’t go into the exact process and techniques she used (mostly because I don’t remember) but 45 minutes later she had produced a stunning purple vase. They are so talented. I fear that the 3 Hot Glass shows may soon disappear to be replaced with the Lawn Club Grill as on Reflection so if you get the chance whilst onboard one of those ships I would definitely recommend.

We get back to the cabin and then I recall that Eli (the 3rd glassblower from Corning onboard) had said that the sunset might be very good this evening. With that in mind we head up to the Sunset Bar at the back of the ship and find that he was correct. We are witness to one of the most stunning sunsets we have ever seen at sea. Glorious.

It’s 3 in a row for Moonlight today. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. We are sat near the nice couple from Texas again so we chat intermittently with them between courses. I have to order more breadsticks as they are so good and they provide these tasty little dips for them as well. We struggle with our starters as we don’t really like what was on offer so we stick to what we know. Shrimp Cocktails and Caesar Salads. For main I have a very nice Steak Dianne which is cooked to perfection. Peter has a huge serving of Veal Cordon Bleu.

We both feel pretty tired this evening and don’t get up to much else other than a drink in the Ensemble Lounge. It’s was a nice relaxing day with the highlight being that magnificent sunset. the noodles were a close second😀

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